• How to join us

    Bilingual English-Russian classes (depending on participants) are held in Moscow,
    on Saturdays, from 11:15 till 12:30, at center BirthLight, 18 Staromonetny Pereulok (directions).

    What is the age of the chidlren at your classes?

    Our classes are usually attended by parents with babies from 2-3 months up to two years old. Once the baby manages to support the head it becomes easier to move around with him/her. As for toddlers, a lot depends on the individual preferences and temperament of a child. With smaller babies we suggest quieter movements, involving a lot of touch, keeping them close to a parent’s body, moving together while holing them (in the arms or in a baby carrier). This way we show babies new pathways in the space and exercise their vestibular system, which they enjoy a lot. With older babies and toddlers we use more active movements, more interaction and play, dance combined with songs and rythms. And we consider babies of any age to be a great source of inspiration, who can teach us spontaneity, freedom of movement and energy.

    Prices are here. Our classes are part of Birtlight class pass, schedule is here. We welcome all the family, feel free to bring dads to the class (and note that second parent is joining for free).

    Please sign in for the class in advance, ph. + 7-495-788-1308, +7-905-749-7591 or e-mail info@birthlight.ru

    If you have questions regarding classes, you can e-mail Olga and Alfiya directly at babycontact@gmail.com.

    We also have many classes in Russian, see the schedule here.


    On April 18, from 10:00 till 12:00 we will have a special English-speaking master-class on BabyContact.
    To participate, sign in using this form or call Birthlight at ph.+7-495-788-1308.

    What is needed for the class:

    For the baby: some light clothes to have freedom to crawl, and everything you need to go around the city with the baby (food, diapers, favorite toys, napkins etc.)
    For parents: some comfy sporty clothes, like for joga. You can also take a baby sling or a baby carrier to use during the dance (especially for the smaller babies).

    Join in to explore moving with your baby in a supportive atmosphere!